45 Minutes of Bliss

What a difference a day makes.  45 minutes of chat time with number one son this morning at 0630.  After I posted last night, I found a 17 hour old message.

Lucky me this morning waking up to his chat.

He sounds tired.  Working more than usual.

Maybe a little homesick for Glen the deployment dog, the hyperactive pooch who pees on my floor when he visits.  What is it about military men who won’t snip their pooches?

Most of all, he sounded homesick for his very comfortable bed.

I wish I could make his life comfortable for him when he’s away.

I described all the goodies headed his way in his latest package from his adoring family.

Too many socks to count at this point.

He will be extending his “vaca”.  He never complains.  Only states that he needs to stay behind to help a bit longer.  That his work is meaningful and makes a difference.

I admit my weaknesses to him as a mom trying to make sense of why he’s away.  He accepts them, and by accepting them, makes me even prouder.  If that is even possible.

I couldn’t pray for anyone this evening but him.  Selfish I know.

I noticed my daughter’s e-mail to him referencing him as “bubby”.  Another proud moment for this military mom.  She loves him more than he will ever know.

She keeps his spirit right out in front of her girls at all times.  They are young, but have an incredible understanding for how important his service is to their future.

Military families give so much.  Say thanks to one of them today, even if you have to look one up on a blog, send a care package to someone you don’t know find one on a facebook page to do so.  If you are fortunate enough to live near a base, thank one in the grocery line or pick up the check next time you see a military family out to dinner.

It’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

Peace, love and little donuts……………..


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