Olympic Gold

We received news this week that our deployment date has been “pushed back”.  So we have a little extra “mind rest” while my son takes care of business that needs to completed in order to advance his military career.  A career path he puts on hold in order to support his military brothers and sisters where they need him most.  Our family loves to watch the olympics.  We’ve spent a lot of time the past week text messaging things like:  “holla!   water polo!!!!  yeah!”   “Track and Field events, RULE” “How cute is that Gabby?!”   As I’ve watched the Olympic athletes perform night after night, after years of sacrificing their personal lives in order to represent our country, I’ve wondered if they think about the military personnel responsible who are making their ability to travel to London safer.  Our military personnel are demonstrating the same athletic prowess as an Olympic athlete but they perform on a bizarre stage with no one cheering them on.  There are no gold medals for our military athletes.  No cheering crowds, no million dollar endorsements for products.  Those of us supporting our family members as they perform the unimaginable day after day are left to cheer our loved ones on in e-mails, Facebook time and care packages.  I’ve seen little patriotism during the games.  Disappointed by that.  I expected more from the networks.  Some sort of thank you each night would have been nice.  A segment or two on a military family.  Is that too much to ask?  A reminder to the other 99% while they are enjoying the games and what they represent?  Note to self:  Write another letter.

I regret when I don’t blog.  It’s been a rough two weeks.  The names of the dead stack up and they weigh heavier than usual on the page.  Even heavier on my heart.  So with that being said, please read all of them.  Don’t stop half way through because it is so very long.  Read each one, where they died and how.  Their medals will be presented to their loved ones in silence.

The latest identifications reported by the military are listed.


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