Strength vs. Whining

With the news of this morning’s latest violence on U.S. troops from middle east police I found myself gaining strength, rather than feeling  helpless.  Zenning up today meant actively seeking out ways to help rather than whining about my angst as a military mother.  My son is proud of me when I just take action and do something.  He expects me to grow a pair and do something.  He’s watched me begin again many times after heartbreak and disappointment.  He knows the news reports have an effect on me.  Because I like making my son proud of me and knowing that he’ll worry less about me when I’m taking action,  I’ve taken my own advice, which is also about to be permanently imprinted on my left arm:  BEGIN AGAIN.

I’ve requested an information table for the GIVE AN HOUR organization at the Veteran’s Festival in Forest Park so that we can get the information about these important services out there.  I’ve again offered myself up for temporary assignments on military bases and signed on for more continuing education on deployment psychology.  This is the strength and meaning that I need to continue to support my son, his unit, and our military overall.  I have to trust that all precautions will be taken to protect our military.  Feeling powerless sucks.  So get off your touchas and do something today.  It’ll matter to somebody’s else’s children who are serving.


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