How Many To Get Your Attention?

A heavy heart can call you to action.  I believe this.  How anyone can read these names of other people’s children, other people’s fathers or mothers and not have a reaction is beyond me.  I’ve had two inquiries these last two weeks with regard to how I’m doing. Perhaps it’s because if you know me well, you know I’m strong and I’ve been called to action through a Veteran’s project.  A few friends know he’s still in the states at the moment finishing up business, but anyone who knows me well, knows that even when  distracted by a call to action,  I live with the worry of what could happen to him when he returns. That I feel each and every name as if I knew them all. That every picture I’ve received from him while deployed is a picture with his shoulder holster in clear view.  It isn’t for show, it is his reality.  Call a military mom or dad this week if you know one.  Our hearts break for these families.  We are all connected through the service of our loved ones, whether or not our loved one is there this week or not.  We need you to acknowledge our worry, our fear, even if it makes you uncomfortable.



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