Whole Foods

An unusual siting of an Army soldier in bdu’s today threw me off of my usual forage through the bulk bin aisle at W.F.  He was young and healthy and I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. It was unusual to see someone in bdu’s at W.F. I am accustomed to standing behind flight suits and bdu’s when I shop in O’Fallon, Illinois, but here it seemed odd and caught me off guard.  I wasn’t thinking about the war when I spotted him.  I was focused on the groovy feeling I had from a fresh yoga class with a teacher who pushes me beyond my comfort zone and the exhilaration I feel when I’m headed home to bake bread with all my new found grains and flakes and flours.

The middle east was suddenly right in front of me, whether or not he had ever been there.  I stopped him on  his way out and thanked him for his service.  He’s been in for awhile, I can always tell.  I can tell because as he stood there proudly he looked me in the eye and stated “it’s an honor to do so ma’am”.   Yesterday I was given the great news that my license was being approved to practice again in Illinois.  Illinois is home.  Standing in Dierbergs in Shiloh amongst the bdu’s and the flight suits is a privilege.  It makes me feel safe.  St. Louis is very proud of their Veterans and I’m proud to be a St. Louisan because they recognize the importance of supporting our military.

I’ll continue to practice here a couple of days a week because I’ve been blessed to do so.  St. Louis has been very good to me.  But living and working back home in Southern Illinois will give me the opportunity to serve more military families and it will bring me closer to my daughter and my granddaughters.  My daughter once said to me that my constant focus on her bubby’s military service overshadowed everything and everyone else in the family.  She’s usually right.  With a move in the future to Illinois, everybody wins.    Peace, love and little donuts………military zen mom


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