E-Mail + Nutella = happy militaryzenmom


Received first e-mail from deployed beloved boy this morning.  Sigh of relief.  This e-mail saved me from a weekend binge of whole grain bread from the oven with Nutella.  Nutella is the latest coping tool in my military Zen mom bag of mindfulness tricks.  Bake bread.  Smear on bread while warm. Eat slowly.  Repeat as Necessary.

“Mom, send sheets and a pillow that looks like this (picture of gel pillow), I’ll send you cash or check from bank”.   Appears that Amazon won’t send the kid sheets to an APO.   The guy who replaced him didn’t leave his sheets behind for him knowing he would back on next rotation.  Who does that?  And why won’t Amazon send his sheets to an APO?  Mom will investigate, then write a letter to Amazon stating why this is bull_ _ _ _.  Much like the letter I sent to the Mayor of San Francisco who wouldn’t allow the Marines to de-plane a few years ago after a deployment.  I haven’t visited San Fran since.  Remains on my list of places NOT to spend money.

The disconnect between American civilian families and military families is alive and well.  Other people’s children fighting wars in faraway places.  The cost of a volunteer military is that military families ARE NOW THE OTHER 1%.  Occupy this mother’s broken heart for a little while protesters.

Anger doesn’t serve me right now.  When the anger wells up, time to Zen up.  So, here’s how you can help:

Ways to Assist a Military Family:

http://www.hireheroesusa.org (Employment programs for returning veterans).

http://www.missisioncontinues.org (Links wounded veterans with public service).

http://www.phhnc.org (Purple Heart Homes. A program to build handicap-accessible homes for veterans).

http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org (Provides programs and services to severely injured service members during the time between active duty and transition to civilian life).

www.puppiesbehindbars.com (The subset program Dog Tags provides Psychological Service Dogs to military veterans diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, traumatic brain injuries and/or physical issues resulting from active duty in Iraq and/or Afghanistan free of charge; donations cover the $20,000.00 training cost).

Or you could just send a soldier, airman, marine or sailor a box of awesome stuff.

Prayers of healing for the families this week:


Peace, love and little donuts…….