Post from my son today.

got my stuff from you! thanks so much! gonna be the best sleep ever!!

Best sleep ever for me too.



Top 5 stupid things people said to me when they heard my son was enlisting 5 years ago::

  1. Why?
  2. When will he get out?
  3. I don’t believe in war.
  4. How could you let him do that?
  5. Will he have to move to the middle east?

People meant well, but in the field (psychotherapy) that I currently work in, people’s children don’t just decide to enlist in the armed services.  I couldn’t breath when he called to tell me.  I had just announced my engagement.  Perhaps this was the “permission” he needed from me to move forward with a decision he had contemplated since high school.

This blog is my attempt to stay in the present moment during a difficult time for all military families.

No more projecting forward into “worst case” scenarios at every deployment.   No more anger towards the powers in Washington who can’t feel the pain of a million mililtary mothers.

I am the proud mother of a member of the United States military.  This is my answer to all of the questions above, you freaking idiots.