Middle East Sushi

Today was Friday the 13th and my son flew on a plane with a silly name with his best friend and wing man.  I’m glad that this war hasn’t taken away his sense of humor and irony.  In fact, I think his sense of humor just has more material thanks to his experiences.  He gets his sick sense of humor from his mother.  We actually call this sushi something else, but if I shared that with you it could mean a national security breach.  That was a joke, please don’t send the men in the government Dodge to visit me, I don’t know anything about national security.

Admit it, the title made you come to the blog.  I will shamelessly call attention to the sacrifices of the military any way I can.  Thanks for clicking.

Ingredients:  Cooked packaged brown rice from Trader Joes + Trader Joe’s Wasabi Roasted Seaweed Snacks + Trader Joes Curry Panang Tuna Packs + 1 package of fast food mayo swirled together w/ Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce.  Combine.  Enjoy.

My son gets credit for figuring this out during his last deployment, but momma gets the credit for sending the boxes each week that inspired him.  I take credit for everything he’s ever done right because that’s what proud mother’s do.  The truth is, he became the man he is IN SPITE of all the mistakes I made in raising him as a single mom.  Mothers never think we do much right when we don’t stay married to our children’s fathers, even if the kids turn out okay or in my case, better than just okay.

This recipe will be included in the food section of my new e-book I hope to publish in 2013 that I hope to share with other military moms and dads.   Share this post with those you love who are far away and missing the chow line, but give proper credit of the recipe to Chef Alex!

Acknowledge the mother or father of a Veteran today and send somebody a box of Middle East Sushi with directions on how to assemble.

Peace, love and little donuts,